Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Why and Whats

"The Whys and Whats", why I like to write and what my writing process is for the fiction story. The question of why I like to write seems like a question that I could answer until the end of me. I like to write, because I believe that writing is a tool that we are given to heal ourselves. Writing to me has always meant freedom. From grade school until our college years we are taught the “proper” way to write and the “grammatically correct” ways to write. I’m not exactly sure of when I first discovered that this was not the only way to write, but it had to be in like elementary school. I began to read outside of the “The Babysitter’s Club” genre and I thought, people can write like this? Use language differently and just completely BE FREE. It gave me a box to break out of with what I read and the potential I knew I had to also create. Writing gives me comfort and I can write myself out of funks. Writing gives me the permission to be inexcusably myself. Sometimes this is a little scary, the vulnerable part, but other times it’s just freeing. On to the next, what the process is that I’m using for my fiction story. I’m using this method that I like to call the “jump in and swim…or drown”. I was really intimidated just to start the piece, not really knowing what to expect from myself with a fiction. I figured if I just sat in front of it and pushed it out of myself that something would come from it. This method works for me so far, but I need to find another one that helps me to pace my process a little more. Sometimes I’ll go through dry spells where I’m not productive at all before I produce a chunk of something. Another method that I use which I can see that I need to use moderately. I click on the sentence of a character or landscape when I 1st introduce them and I try to spread the details of a character out like…an accordion. I’m always trying to explain something the way that someone, besides me, seeing it would try to explain it. This causes me to over describe, but it also results in me describing things really well. Now I’m going through process of making a list of what I want to happen from this point on, looking at where I left off, and following the necessary steps to get to those points on my list. I’m enjoying figuring out what methods work best for me, it’s helping me to hone my skills as a writer.

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